Exploring Volatility with Kris Sidial | 0DTE Options, Tail Risk, and $VIX Calls

Exploring Volatility with Kris Sidial | 0DTE Options, Tail Risk, and $VIX Calls

What are the options markets telling us about the rest of 2023? Has the market gotten too complacent, setting us up for a possible market crash? Kris Sidial, a Volatility Expert, Tail Risk Hedger, and Co-CIO of the Ambrus Group, joins me today on the Futures Radio podcast to dive into everything you need to know.

In this episode, we reveal the secrets of trading vol and the many myths that surround it. With the 2023 markets grind higher, we explore the hidden dangers of a tail risk event and how to buy cheap insurance for your portfolio while volatility is low. Whether you’re a long term investor, swing trader, or day trader – this episode is packed with valuable insights that you can’t afford to miss.

Kris also does a deep dive into the demand for 0DTE options by both retail traders and institutions, explaining the impact these are having on current market dynamics. 📊 And for those who saw the buzz surrounding the headline-driven $180 $VIX calls, Kris explains the rationale behind this trade while offering a nuanced perspective on the advantages and disadvantages from both a call buyer and sellers standpoint.

Don’t miss this insightful conversation that could shape your understanding of market dynamics in 2023.

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