FED Watch: Yield Curves & Treasuries What You Need To Know

Futures Radio Show
Futures Radio Show
FED Watch: Yield Curves & Treasuries What You Need To Know
FED Watch: Yield Curves & Treasuries What You Need To Know. Managing Director and Global Head of Rates and OTC Products at CME Group, Agha Mirza joins Anthony for a discussion about the latest FOMC Meeting and what you need to know about Yield Curves, Treasuries & CME Group’s FED Watch Tool. Questions covered in this interview:

• It’s been a strong year for the Interest Rates business at CME Group – how has everything shaped up since we last spoke in February?

• You’ve launched some new products in 2022 – can you tell listeners about that and the market demand for them?

• And let’s not forget about your existing portfolio of products – any updates to share?

• There’s a lot of news right now around US Treasury yields, what are your thoughts on the broader implications of this?

• With US Treasuries front and center, that also brings the macro environment and recent Fed activity to mind. What is your take heading into 2023?

• To wrap up, can you help our listeners understand why the FedWatch tool will be a good resource to monitor in the year ahead?

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