EP: 180 Less About Fundamentals, More About Risk Management

Futures Radio Show
Futures Radio Show
EP: 180 Less About Fundamentals, More About Risk Management


Mark Dow

Founder of Dow Global Advisors & Behavioral Macro Blog

Record Date:  1/22/18



  1. Why Mark got involved in Financial Markets
  2. Behavioral Macro
  3. The Fed & Bubbles
  4. Stock Market, Interest Rates & Risk Cycle
  5. Central Banks & Yield Curves
  6. Gold, Commodities & Currencies
  7. Cryptocurrencies
  8. Emerging Markets

Rapid Fire:

  • What Trader has influenced your life the most and why?
    • A colleague he didn’t want to name
  • How has your trading evolved over the years?
    • Became much more skeptical of efficient markets.  Markets just aren’t efficient. Gotten much better at when the fundamentals matter than when they don’t.
  • 1 source you spend your time on?
    • Twitter
  • Favorite Book About Trading or the Markets:
    • Reminiscent of a Stock Operator, How to Profit in Bull & Bear Markets, Thinking Fast and Slow
  • Favorite Movie About Trading or the Markets:
    • Trading Places.  The Big Short.
  • Best Advice Ever Received About Trading or the Markets:
    • Don’t get caught in the weeds.
  • Advice to Give to Others about Trading:
    • Risk Management is more important than good ideas.
  • If you weren’t involved in Markets you’d be doing what?
    • Teacher or Dog Trainer

Guest Resources:



Futures Radio is a weekly talk show hosted by 18-year futures veteran and CME member Anthony Crudele, an ex-pit trader and one of the first to trade the E-Mini S&P. Each week Anthony talks with traders, CEOs, and other proven market participants about relevant trading and investing information.

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