EP: 116 Seven Minutes With Seven Industry Leaders

Futures Radio Show
Futures Radio Show
EP: 116 Seven Minutes With Seven Industry Leaders


Rick Lane, CEO Trading Technologies: (1:40)

  1. Trading for a good cause. Futures for kids.
  2. Re-building TT platform from ground up. Pushing industry forward.
  3. New features for the trader. Adding options!

Tim McCourt, Managing Director and Global Head, Equity Products: (9:45)

  1. Bringing back the Russell 2000 to CME Group.
  2. ETF’s or Futures. Total Cost Analysis Tool.
  3. Weekly options on futures growth.

Chris Hehmeyer, CEO Hehmeyer Trading+Investments: (16:05)

  1. Evolution of trading. Benefit’s of FIA Boca.
  2. Automation vs. Point-Click.
  3. Regulation back on-track.

Carl Gilmore, President Integritas Financial Consulting: (27:05)

  1. Future of regulation under Trump administration.
  2. Smart regulation should be risk based and simplified.
  3. Find the risk in the system and focus on that first.

Yuriy Shterk, Head of Product Management, Derivatives at Fidessa: (34:28)

  1. Face-to-face with regulators, FCM’s, market leaders.
  2. Change is coming to regulation from new administration. Unclear yet.
  3. There’s optimism surrounding growth, and profitability.

Tom Lehrkinder, Senior Analyst at TABB Group: (40:35)

  1. Forward outlook for FCM’s is positive and stable.
  2. Record volume trends on futures.
  3. Global coordination creating optimistic outlook for industry.

Bill Harts, CEO at Modern Markets Initiative: (46:54)

  1. Proper and smart regulation to support investing.
  2. Metrics used when revamping regulation. Needs a fresh look.
  3. Optimism looking forward for Futures Industry.

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